1. My birthday is in Spring according to the calendar, but here in central California it’s usually already Summer according to the thermometer ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for sharing your birthday with us ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thank you for the chance to win! My birthday is in November, this year it’ll be on Thanksgiving:)

  3. My birthday is Nov. 28th so I am a fall baby, was almost born on Thanksgiving , my Mama made it till after midnight before I was born, BUT, just a few seconds after midnight, so barely missed it. I would so love to win this, I could really use the yarn to make me something awesome for the cold weather that is coming my way . Need all I can get to stay warm , since I am on a fixed income and can’t afford to pay really high heating bills. Crossing my fingers, toes legs and even my eyes. Anything else you can think of for me to cross for luck. LOL. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE, even though only ONE can be the really blessed person.

  4. My birthday is in the Fall season. One of the best season because of Halloween. My kids get so excited that time of the year. Dressing up, candies, pumpkin picking, corn maze and more candies!!! Love it!

  5. My birthday is on the spring and often hits mother’s day…my birthd9 is May 12.

  6. My husband’s, my aunt’s, my dog’s, mine, and my 8month old third daughter’s birthdays are all in December!! I am currently working on a blanket for our newest edition like i did for the older two daughters. I am also teaching them how to crochet!! I love red heart it is the best!! I love these colors and they would macth what we already have started so we really hope we win!!

  7. My birthday is in the spring. Those colorways would make a great gift, along with time to finally make something for myself!

  8. I have a winter birthday. Great crocheting weather! First time I have been to your site. Looking forward to exploring it more.

  9. I think it’s winter or fall? I’m never 100% sure if Late November is one or the other lol.

  10. My birthday is in the summer. Summer fun! I love Red Heart yarn! So many beautiful colors!

  11. I love the colors of the yarn and I would love to win, my birthday is september 30….. thanks for the chance to win !!

  12. My birthday is late spring, May. This yarn is beautiful. Just found this soon so excited to see more.

  13. My birthday is in the spring! I love spring and summer. Red heart is my go to yarn been using it over 20 years.

  14. I am a Autumn lover., love everything about it. My favorite colors are the colors of Autumn. Was born In November right around Thanksgiving.

  15. I am a Christmas Baby – When I was young – I complained about loosing out on birthday parties and fewer gifts. Mom said I was born in the month of the Angels so that made me special. Special people don’t worry about the other stuff. Now I am much older and wish I did not have a birthday.

  16. My birthday is in summer in fact it’s Sunday. This would be a great birthday gift!!

  17. My birthday and my daughter’s birthday are in September. It would be incredible to win this stash so I can make her something incredible. Thank you for the chance!

  18. My birthday is November 23. My birthday lands on Thanksgiving every once in a while.

  19. my birthday season is winter and I love crocheting during that season … warm afghans, scarves, shawls, etc. In the warmer seasons, I crochet smaller things like dishcloths and light scarves.

  20. My birthday is in summer, July 29. I have been crocheting since I was a teenager, and live to make all kinds of things.

  21. I hinted at yarn for my June birthday… didn’t get it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love that purple!

  22. My birthday is September 19th so I’m just shy of fall. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win these gorgeous yarns!

  23. My birthday is June 1st I love to crochet things I am working on blanket need more mixed colors to complete it.

  24. My birthday is middle of December. I would love to win as I have been wanting to try this yarn

  25. My birthday is in the winter technically but I consider it more spring. It’s in early March.

  26. My birthday is the end of December, so winter it is and over the Christmas holiday.

  27. My birthday is in September . I love the fall and all the beautiful colors that go with it.

  28. My birthday is in August at the end of summer,,,just getting ready for fall! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. The colors are wonderful! My birthday is next month! September. I live in Maine and to a lot of knitting, some for friends and family and I knit for various charities.

  30. I’m a summer baby! Kinda. Usually. The weather in my hometown is so unpredictable, you could say I was born in all seasons, lol. My 10th birthday was supposed to be a pool party, as it had been a nice 75-80 degrees all week, and when the day came around, we got a foot of snow.

  31. I was born in the spring, in April. Only problem I had was that, being in MI back then, it rained on my birthday almost every year ?. I am also a Monday’s child, which means I am fair of face. Thanks for your site.

  32. Fall is my favorite season not only because I was born in late October, but because of the color changing leaves. Deep reds, bright oranges, golden yellows and majestic browns! So beautiful. =)

  33. My birthday is in Spring. When I was younger I used to love it, specially when it fell on a school day. Now however, that I’m older I have to deal with allergies. But I still love it though, shows me that nature is alive.

  34. Birthday is in March and the stone is aquamarine (blue is my favorite color) – and I’m a Fall/Spring kind of person.

  35. I was almost a Christmas baby, and my mom and dad were keeping their fingers crossed that I’d be born before the first of January, lol. My birthday is in the winter… 12/28/1936

  36. My birthday is in the Spring. I was a May Day baby many, many moons ago. Thank you for the opportunity to win such beautiful yarns. God bless!

  37. December 23 for me, and no, I don’t mind now that I’m older, too busy to notice anymore.

  38. Summer! My birthday is today! This would be fabulous to win. I cannot find the RH Ombre anywhere!

  39. April 6th springtime just right for some colorful shawls Next one coming up will be 70 and have been crocheting since I was 10

  40. SUMMER…August 31st…coming soon just like the end of summer!!! thanks for the entry!

  41. My birthday is in the summer time, as I just had my birthday on August 4. Thanks for this opportunity as I love to crochet.

  42. My birthday is on May 10th, so in Spring and one of my 2 favorite seasons. Spring and Fall are the best seasons we could have.

  43. My birthday is actually August 24th! So, summer time! ๐Ÿ˜€ I would love to be able to win this and make things for my family! <3

  44. I’m a december baby so lots of warm goodies to be had with this scrumptious yarn!

  45. My birthday is in August….I have been crocheting since I was 9, but would much rather crochet in colder weather, especially if I am doing an afghan or bigger project….,I would LOVE to try these new yarns by Red Heart….I can’t buy them locally….Ty for entering my name in for a chance to win!!!

  46. My birthday is in July so I would say that season is summer! Love having the summer birthday cause it was fun to be able to celebrate with friends off from school.
    These new skeins look interesting and will make some cute afghans and hats!

  47. My birthday is coming up next month!!!! I actually celebrate two birthdays – the day I was introduced to the world and the day my cancer was removed. I’ll be celebrating my five year cancer birthday a couple weeks after my birth day.

  48. My husband’s birthday is today August 22, but mine is in February. I love to crochet when it’s cold so I can lay my work on my lap and let it keep me warm, luckily my husband likes to keep the thermostat on low all year long.

  49. My birthday is in my favorite season, Autumn. I was born on November 1st at 12:31am — I missed Halloween but 31 minutes. ?

  50. My birthday season is Autumn, and this would make an amazing present , as I crochet blankets and donate them.

  51. I’m a winter baby and the oldest of 8. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Thank you for this give away!!!

  52. my Bday is right after New Years, and it’s horrible. everyone is broke and partied out.

  53. This would be the best belated birthday present ever , my bday was August the 18th…..

  54. My birthday is in July. My first grandchild is due in Dec so I’m super excited to crochet him blankets and slippers!

  55. My birthday is in January, so if I were lucky enough to win this terrific prize, I would have lots of time to make myself something very special! Thank you for the birthday drawing!!!

  56. Late Late Fall ๐Ÿ™‚ and I do love Fall the colors are so vibrant as the season changed over – by my birthday all the leaves are already gone but I am in awe every year – year after year – at the spectacular colors of Fall.

  57. My birthday was July 14th. Right now I am making the basketweave scarf with Red Heart Ombre Baja Blue. I am enjoying it. thanks

  58. My birthday is in the summer.
    I crochet year ’round. Red Heart is my favorite yarn.

  59. Love Red Heart products. Fingers crossed as I have multiple afghans to crochet for gifts!

  60. Love these Red Heart colors. My birthday is September 5th and I would love to spend the day doing my favorite hobby.

  61. My birthday is in the summer, July to be specific, but I hate the heat of summer and wish it was in the fall instead.

  62. My Birthday was July. I would love this give away, because I Love to make Baby Blankets and give them to a special person having a new baby.

  63. My birthday is in July. It just passed, so I would love to win for this would make a great belated birthday gift as Red Heart is one of my favorite Yarns. I am actually using it right now to make a Maybelle flower square Afghan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. My birthday is in the fall and sometimes is on election day! If I by some crazy chance win I will share with my sister, who always has a project going.

  65. Hello, thank you for all that you do, I am new to crocheting and my daughter-in-law just learned to knit. My birthday is March just a week after spring but I love the fall and winter colors.

  66. My birthday is in April. These yarns are so pretty, I would love to make something with them!

  67. My birthday is March 1st. So beginning of Spring.

    I would solove to win these beautiful skeins of yarn. I have a extremely rare Disease and will be off my feet for months, so this would be so awesome to win. Thanks for the Chance to win ?

  68. My birthday is in the spring. I crochet everyday, even though I broke my wrist. I will find a way to continue, a little awkwardness never bothered me. I am anxious to try the new Red Heart yarn, Thank you for the chance.

  69. My birthday is in the Fall,either just after or just before thanksgiving. Depending on the year ?

  70. My birthday is at the start of the fall season just in time for afghan projects.

  71. Happy Birthday!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity! Hoping to win since this month is my Bday month as well ?.

  72. I could not find the entry form but I celebrate a winter birthday with my twin sister.

  73. My season is sometimes menopausal. I’m early September so it can either be REALLY hot or fall like.

  74. My birthday just happened on August 12th and 7 skeins of Red heart would be a great belated birthday present.??

  75. I saw your blog on facebook (from the red heart giveaway post) and I’m so excited to check more of it out! I LOVE CROCHET BLOGS! Happy Birthday!

  76. My birthday is In the Fall – Nov 23. Right at Thanksgiving time. I love the Fall!!!

  77. I have been waiting for these, I really want to try them! My birthday is in 2 weeks (sept 5th!) and I asked my husband if it was bad that the only thing I wanted for my birthday was yarn or giftcards to get yarn… He was supportive and said, no thats not bad ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. Spring – March 18th is my birthday. Love Red Heart but haven’t seen these new yarns in my area yet. Anxious to try them

  79. This caught my eye because today – August 21st IS my birthday! Plus everyone is celebrating today – the solar eclipse! Plus I love Red Heart yarns! So I’m three for three!!!!!

  80. Lovely give away. My birthday is in October, so that would make a nice gift! Happy knitting!!

  81. Happy birthday!

    My birthday is in Fall, but most of the time it feels like Winter. I’m celebrating my birthday in December. Perfect time for tea and a DIY-project.

  82. Thank you and happy birthday! Yes, we were just talking about that, watching everyone in the park sitting out there watching for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. Birthday Giveaway is just in time for my birthday, August 23. Lately when asked what I want for my birthday I just say yarn. No longer need anything else. Yarn makes me happy. I also use Red Heart Super Saver quite a bit.

  84. My birthday was August 5th. My mother always makes fresh strawberry bread for me every year. Yeah… I’m greedy with it, too.

  85. I was born in August so the season of Summer The month of festivals all over the State

  86. My Birthday is August 28th. YEAH, FOR Baseball and Homemade Ice
    Cream and Crocheting for the Holidays!!!!! My Mother, Late, Aunt and Late Grand Mother crocheted, and I credit them for my love of crocheting Shawls, and Afghans and things for my Family and My Church Family as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. My birthday is in May, typically the weekend after the fishing opener. Every year, my husband and I take some time off and go fishing with my grandpa. At night, I crochet while they tell lies about their fish and tend the fire.

  88. Birthday is in October. Since I’ve moved to hot, humid Missouri, Fall is my favorite time of year!

  89. My birthday is in May. So my day lands in spring. When everything is in bloom.

  90. Hi my birthday is August 16… just a little bit later than this birthday give away. <3

  91. Winter. Much prefer cold weather to hot! I always have a crochet project on my lap to keep me warm….besides, if it’s cold you can put more on, but there is a limit to how much you can take off…apparently…heard it from a friend ??

  92. February it’s my birthday month!
    Once in a while a treat myself with special (to me) yarn..usually in my favorite color, purple and I make myself a goodie to wear in my very-short-arizonan winter. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love Red Heart!

  93. May birthday here! I love all types of crochet projects but my favorite are headbands and hats for children

  94. My birthday is November 12th. I love working in the ombre colorways but also like using shades to make fun depth patterns too. Thanks for the giveaway! Love your site!

  95. My birthday is in March, so I’m a spring girl. I LOVE when spring rolls around and the landscape starts to green up and flowers emerge! Winter is so dreary.

  96. I was born in January so I am a winter girl who doesn’t like the cold. So I crochet a lot. It keeps me warm.

  97. My birthday is actually tomorrow! I was just looking at this stripes yarn at the store yesterday! Can’t wait to try it!

  98. My birthday is in February and I’m hoping my baby girl’s birthday will be any day now!

  99. My birthday is the 6th of September. (Just before Fall). This would be an awesome birthday present!

  100. My birthday is a Winter month so it is also my favorite time to crochet a nice warm blanket for the ones I love!

  101. Even though my birthday is in January, I have plenty of other people’s birthdays I need to make presents for!

  102. My Birthday is September 23rd. First day of Fall ๐Ÿ™‚ My favorite season of the year….crisp air, pumpkin flavored everything, the smell of fireplaces burning. Love every bit of it ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. I’m a spring girl…April. When I “had my colors done” (remember that? back in the 80s?) I found out I was a spring girl there too!

  104. My birthday is coming up quickly…September baby here and I would love to try out the new ombre yarn from Red Heart!!!! Happy giveaway!!!!! Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. I’m an August girl, my birthday is on the closing date too ๐Ÿ™‚ My daughter’s is the 27th as well so both august babies and I’m teaching her to crochet.

  106. Summer! Love the yarns in the giveaway!! Haven’t seen them before. . Thank you for advertising them. … love and blessings

  107. My birthday is in May and sometimes falls on Mother’s Day. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  108. My birthday is January so winter is my season. But I’m looking to make myself a big comfy blanket to keep me warm in these wyoming winters, so I’d love to win. I just wanted to say also, I so relate Ashley. I can’t classify my style because I love modern with rustic charm, all music, every craft and hobby, I’m just all over the place! I’m 22 and teaching myself to crochet now. ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for this giveaway.

  109. My birthday is in November, and I would so love to win that yarn. I would love to make myself a nice new blanket for winter. I am sure it would help knock the chill off the arthritic bones when the snow is falling and the wind is howling. I am crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, and everything else I can cross.

  110. I love to crochet, and my choice of yarns are ALWAYS Red Heart, I find it is the best Quality.. I love making Baby blankets of just blankets to snuggle up with on the sofa I also Love the Doilies and I have made several for my home and plan to pass them along to my daughters.. Thank you For your Contest, can’t wait to see who wins>> Good Luck EveryOne!!

  111. My birthday is in April. I love love love the yarn choices for this giveaway. I’ve actually never seen these in this size. I’m going to run out and get me some soon :). Winning this giveaway would be a grt added bonus as well lol

  112. My birthday is January 6th…12 days after christmas and in the winter months of course…

  113. Happy Birthday! May your life be filled with many blessings.
    My Bday is in winter time but living in northern Cal, we’re lucky if we get rain!
    Yarn looks amazing. Thank u for Great giveaway

  114. My b-day is January. Would love to try these varied colored yarns! They look gorgeous!!

  115. Thank you for the chance to win. Such a great prize. My birthday is in December, but I live in Texas so sometimes it doesn’t really feel like winter. Last year I was wear short sleeves on my birthday.

  116. My birthday is in late winter, March. I never know what kind of weather we will be having. Here in Ohio if you don’t like the weather one minute, just wait, it will change.